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Here are just a few of our campers who wanted to share with you what CFO means to them.

Over the 2010 Labor Day weekend, God drew together 110 youth and young adult CFOers for NAY2010: Restored. They came from around North America for a weekend of passionate worship, fervent prayer, and time set apart to seek God's face. God's Spirit was tangibly present in camp bringing truth, healing, and restoration. Praise God for His faithfulness and continued use of CFO in the lives of His people! Read testimonies from the weekend below.

I loved that the weekend's theme was "Restored", and that's exactly what so many of us needed. For me, a spiritual refreshment was something that I needed more than I knew. Being with other people who love Jesus and have the same desire to serve Him was so wonderful! What a breath of fresh air, to be able to get away for a weekend and worship our Lord all day and night with 100 other loving Christians! I came away literally feeling restored--in my spirit and in my heart :)

-Stephanie Carmack, Tennesee CFO

Feeling God's presence isn't something easily put into words. The best way I know how to describe it is, butterflies in your stomach, like an electric current is running through your entire body, and your heart finally feeling whole. The enemy tries to make you feel inferior, and tells you that God would never want a personal relationship with you. THAT'S A LIE! Your Father loves you. He chose you. He will never leave you. When I call out to my Father, He hears my voice. I am a Daughter of the King.

-Name Withheld, Tennessee CFO

NAY was an amazing, energizing, and life- giving experience for me. All a blessing. My mom was praying that I would be changed and I truly know that I am. I am encouraged to pray bigger and I certainly am restored.

-Mical Thurow, Black Hills CFO

I've been dealing with a lot of fear in the past year or so and it took me a long time (and CFO) to realize how much fear I had in me. I went to my home camp in Ohio this past summer and received a word that even though I'm so fearful right now, God is holding me in his arms telling me everything's going to be okay and that I'm going to have such immense joy later because God's going to take this fear away. Well my home camp was at the end of July and after I left, I realized I hadn't focused on God hardly at all since I had been home and I realized that I didn't have that passion, or crave to be completely & incredibly in love with Jesus. I was just going through the motions, not reading the Bible or praying every day, just things that I knew I should be doing as a Christian but wasn't. And I came to NAYCFO looking for that change because I was tired of not feeling like a real God-seeking Christian. During prayer groups, we took prayer requests and I waited until the last possible second to say my request because I felt fearful & like my problem wasn't important. But my prayer group facilitator pointed me out & told me that I need to say what I needed prayer for and I just broke down crying. I was scared to open up, scared to tell them that I'm not the good Christian I need to be, scared of what they'll think. But I was completely wrong and once I opened up, everything was so much easier. I wasn't hiding behind this mask of uncertainty and shame and the people in my prayer group were able to help me out, give my advice, and pray over me. Ever since NAYCFO, I've been reading my Bible and praying every day and I don't have as much fear anymore. God taught me a lot in the past 5 or 6 months and you've just gotta remember that God is with you and he's never leaving your side, no matter what. He's with you during the hard times but you have to be the one to call out to Him in order to get better. You have to meet God halfway. Once you reach Him, he'll do wonders. He'll surprise you like you've never experienced. You'll feel Him so deeply and intimitely that it'll blow your mind. But you have to have faith. God is never changing. Hebrews 13:8 says, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."

-Mallory Guess, Ohio CFO

At NAY CFO, God just made Himself even more known to me. I felt His presence all the time, and He showed up in so many different little ways. One of these ways was the blessing tunnel we did in Rhythms. I was going through, and it just hit me: I didn't even know half of these people, I didn't even know their names, and they were willing and eager to reach out their hands and bless me. And it wasn't just a routine "Oh God Bless You' blessing. It was a heartfelt, sometimes personalized blessing. People would stop me so they could pray for me and I wouldn't even know their names. It was just so overwhelming to me to think that all those people cared. And then I got to Anna Midgett and Chris Avrit. They started praying for me, and one by one they prayed for everything that I had been struggling with and praying about myself. Once again, God proved Himself (not that He has to) and showed that He would take care of me if I trusted Him. Another thing about the weekend was the sense of freeness. For that weekend, I wasn't self-conscious about how I looked or how I worshiped. I just felt totally free to be myself. Because I'm not 100% myself 100% of the time. But ever since this summer CFO, God has been starting to tell me that I am free to worship Him however I want without having to worry about what someone may think. That is why one of the most amazing things about the weekend for me was the Sunday night worship. Everyone was dancing and jumping and singing at the top of their lungs and worshiping with everything they had. And no one cared if you looked goofy (we all did) or if you sounded good (no one could really hear you over their own voice). After it was over, no one wanted to leave. And it should be like that all the time. Not wanting to leave His presence, wanting to be with Him all the time. And wanting to be united with the body of Christ, worshiping and praising Him as one. So my challenge after that weekend was not trying to maintain a spiritual high, but trying to live a spiritual life.

-Anna Beth Jones, Tennessee CFO

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